We rely on many of the same reliable supply networks of the metro Chicago area, but our lower municipal tax rates mean lower overall utility costs. Contact Greater Sterling to get more details regarding your specific requirements.



Sterling uses a deregulated power system provided by Commonwealth Edison for reliable, affordable electricity with lower rates. Lower rates means lower costs of doing business, while the system capacity means less down time and increased productivity.


Wind Generation

Sauk Valley Community College has a two-tier certification program to train workers to meet the needs of the growing wind power industry.


Natural Gas

Sterling’s natural gas, supplied by Nicor Gas, is pulled from one of the largest aquifers in the U.S. A 32,000 mile distribution system served by 10 interstate pipelines and almost no volume limitations means a steady supply of natural gas at affordable prices, keeping your business up and running at full capacity.



(supplied by private utility Illinois American Water Company) is sourced from five wells with a combined capacity 5.2 million gallons/day and current usage at 3.2 million gallons/day and a storage capacity of 1.7 million gallons. Water is extremely important in food processing and manufacturing, and the low cost, high capacity and extra storage means your needs will be met.



Reliable, high speed, high capacity internet is critical for your business systems, no matter what industry you’re in. Sterling has several broadband providers to help you meet your bandwidth and redundancy needs to keep your business running.