Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Supplied by Nicor Gas


Lowest in cost
•    On basis of 6,000 and 20,000 mcf per month
•    For firm delivery and non-boiler use

Large, reliable underground gas storage
•    One of largest aquifers in the U.S.—holds up to 150 billion cubic feet
•    32,000 mile distribution system
•    Served by 10 interstate pipelines
•    Can be withdrawn during peak winter months
•    Has never had supply interruptions based on availability
•    No volume limitations (except for industrial boiler loaders over 100,000 therms/day)

Transmission lines
•    Two major lines (20” and 24”) in county
•    Sterling connected to system by 12” service line
•    Long-term purchase contracts with five interstate pipelines to insure reliable access; most natural gas from Natural Gas Pipeline of America

Rate data
(dependent on annual therm usage)

Rate 74—most economical up to 800,000 annual therms
Rate 76—most economical between 800,000-4.8 million annual therms
Rate 77—most economical above 4.8 million therms

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