General Electric

Product/Service: Appliance Controls Number of Employees: 150 Union Affiliation: Non-union 709 West Wall St.Morrison, IL 61270

Frantz Manufacturing Company

Product/Service: Steel Bearings, Carbon Steel Balls Number of Employees: 125 Union Affiliation: Non-union 603 1st Ave.Sterling, IL 61081

Tyco Valves/Flow Control (Penberthy)

Product/Service: Liquid Level Gauges Number of Employees: 102 Union Affiliation: Union (70%) 320 Locust St.Prophetstown, IL 61277

Astec Mobile Screens

Product/Service: Heavy Equipment Number of Employees: 100 Union Affiliation: 2704 West LeFevre RoadSterling, IL 61081

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7024

Product/Service: Distribution center Number of Employees: 1000+ Union Affiliation: Non-union 23769 Mathew Rd.Sterling, IL 61081

Self Help Enterprises

Product/Service: Assembly & Packaging Number of Employees: 310 Union Affiliation: Non-union 2300 West Le Fevre Rd.Sterling, IL 61081

Lee Wayne/Halo Corporation

Product/Service: Promotional items Number of Employees: 150 Union Affiliation: Non-union 1980 Industrial Dr.Sterling, IL 61081

Drives, Inc.

Product/Service: Steel Chain Number of Employees: 500 Union Affiliation: Non-union 901 19th Ave.Fulton, IL 61252

Sterling Steel, LLC

Product/Service: Steel Rod Number of Employees: 300 Union Affiliation: Union 101 Ave. KSterling, IL 61081

Climco Coils Company

Product/Service: Electromagnetic Coils Number of Employees: 150 Union Affiliation: Non-union 400 Oakwood Dr.Morrison, IL 61081