Cost of Living & Housing

Cost of Living

An overall cost of living that’s 24% lower than national averages–and 40% below Chicago–makes the Greater Sterling area an affordable place to locate your business.

Cost of living
Sterling, IL
United States

Chicago, IL

Overall 76 100 126
Food 98 100 106
Utilities 119 100 106
Miscellaneous 100 100 106
Median Home Cost $92,160 $217,200 $222,960

*Overall: The total of all the cost of living categories weighted subjectively as follows: housing (30%), food and groceries (15%), transportation (10%), utilities (6%), health care (7%), and miscellaneous expenses such as clothing, services, and entertainment (32%).  State and local taxes are not included in any category.

**Miscellaneous: The cost index of those goods and services not included in the other cost of living categories, including clothing, restaurants, repairs, entertainment, and other services.

Source: Sperling’s Best Places