Distribution / Logistics

Transportation makes up 50% of your supply chain costs, and congestion can push it 20-250% higher!

Sterling Illinois’ central U.S. location saves you time and money with our strong intermodal transportation infrastructure that links you with some of the countries’ largest markets.

With an overall population of nearly 70 million, you are connected to raw materials and a strong product market within one days’ drive (500 miles). Low crime rates mean safe storage of product, too.

Air, rail and interstate and water connectivity minimizes the impact of congestion (a problem that costs the US economy more than $87 billion each year*), compensates for volatile fuel prices and speeds your product to market.

The Sterling area secures your business advantage with a labor force of nearly 30,000 within fifty miles, two-thirds with manufacturing and logistics experience! Lower labor costs in the area save your business money, too:

  • Up to 10% lower than US averages
  • Up to 13% lower than Illinois averages
  • Up to 15% lower than suburban Chicago averages

Proactive solutions and pro-business incentives make Sterling an excellent place to locate your business. And your employees will like it too, with a cost of living that’s 24% lower than the US average and up to 40% lower than suburban Chicago.

Source: Texas Transportation Institute, 2009 Urban Mobility Report

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