Distribution and Logistics

With proximity to some of the country’s largest markets, substantially lower wage and building costs, and excellent intermodal transportation access, the greater Sterling area is an exceptional choice for distribution and logistics facilities.


Ready-to-go sites and buildings—at costs that are nearly 40% lower than suburban Chicago*

Intermodal transportation network saves you time and money

Transportation makes up more than 50%** of your supply chain costs. And congestion can push it  20%-250% higher!***. A Sterling location cuts your costs and gives you easy access to interstate, rail, water and air–including O’Hare International.

Substantially lower labor costs*

  • Up to 10% lower than US averages
  • Up to 13% lower than Illinois averages
  • Up to 15% lower than suburban Chicago averages

An excellent pool of skilled workers—and two-thirds have manufacturing/logistics experience****

Business- and employee-friendly

Proactive solutions and pro-business incentives make Sterling an excellent place to locate your business. And your employees will like it too, with a cost of living that’s 24% lower than the US average and up to 40% lower than suburban Chicago.

Call today to see how a Sterling location can benefit your company. For a cost comparison analysis for your specific project, contact:

Heather Sotelo
Greater Sterling Development Corp.
1741 Industrial Drive
Sterling, IL 61081

tel (815) 625-5255
fax (815) 625-5094




Top Industry Employers Include:

Company Product/Service


Wal-Mart Mech. Distribution Center #7024

Distribution center


Self Help Enterprises

Assembly & packaging


*Proprietary research conducted for the Greater Sterling Development Corporation

**Establish, Inc. Herbert W. Davis and Company

***Federal Highway Administration

****NIU Regional Development Institute Lee/Ogle/Whiteside Area Wage and Benefit Report June, 2005