Manufacturing companies of all sizes have found the Sterling Illinois region to be an excellent fit because of our strong, trained labor force, centrally-located intermodal transportation networks and pro-business incentive programs and tax abatements (including a 0.5% investment tax credits on machinery, equipment, and existing buildings).

It all adds up to a lower cost of doing business.

We have a labor force  of nearly 30,000 within fifty miles, two-thirds with manufacturing and logistics experience! With a broad range of workforce training programs and our experience labor force, we can bring your business up to speed quickly.

Great labor relations and lower labor costs in the area save your business money, too:

  • Up to 10% lower than US averages
  • Up to 13% lower than Illinois averages
  • Up to 15% lower than suburban Chicago averages

Our central location and intermodal transportation networks of interstate, rail, air and water offer you easy access to major U.S. markets, including:

1-hour access to:

  • Quad Cities (IL/IA)
  • Rockford

2-hour access to:

  • Chicago
  • Madison, WI
  • Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Peoria, IL
  • Iowa City / Dubuque (IA)

We also have a range of affordable, desirable sites:

  • Close to interstate
  • Large parcels available
  • Existing and shovel-ready sites
  • Costs average $1-$3 less per square foot than in nearby areas